Let the adventure begin!

Hello! I welcome you all to A Broader View. I am a fitness enthusiast and love a good adventure. Follow me as I narrate and share the world’s coolest and most epic of destinations! I’ll share the do’s and don’t, I’ll be giving you an insight of the atmosphere and presence of some of the countries I’ll be visiting. So grab a pack and follow me as I show you A Broader View!

– Yan Rodgers 


Day 3 Of Dubai.

So as the adventure continues we venture to the palm Islands of Dubai. There you will find a fabulous and luxurious resort, Atlantis and other attractive luxuries to get your fill for the day.

  • The day starts as we take a taxi from Jumeriah beach. After a much needed gym session and sauna time. (Lots of alcohol and fun from the night before as well as throwing my diet out the window.) We embark towards the Palm Islands in Dubai. It’s quite the feat that this island was man made! You definitely see all the usual; hotels and resorts galore. What was suprising was a board walk near the Atlantis side and food trucks! Never would I have thought to see food trucks in Dubai. Of course there are street vendors but legit food trucks! I was amazed and had to try them out!
  • Upon the arrival to the park I wanted to try a different avenue for the day before me and the boys ride off to the middle eastern sunset with boos and bikini clad expats galore.  So we decided to give Atlantis a try. You remember seeing all those commercials with a family and they are sliding down from the mouth of a tiki guy. Well it’s pretty fun. There’s so much just to this part of the island itself. Enormous water slides, a zip line that takes you across the entire island. Just a great place in general; and of course your jet skis, paddle boarding, etc. 
  • As we ventured far above the island we spotted some nice beaches! In fact there were 4 of them diagonal from one another. For a giys night out it was perfect. Beach parties all around! You couldn’t have asked for more! DJ,  boos, amd a great time! The food there was fanaminal as well!
  • Dubai has really been so giving to me this far into the trip. I say again I’m astounded with the luxuries and wonders this city has to offer. Stay tuned for my fourth night as we dive into Rammadan and my very first experience!

Yan Rodgers
29 May 2017

Day 2 of Dubai.

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

-Oprah Winfrey

I begin with you all a quote. Day 2 of Dubai started with an interesting breakfast. Clashes of Indian,  American,  and Pakistani food galore. After a nice workout at the gym I begin my day.

  1. The first take was to Zero Gravity Club at Jumeriah Beach. I have to tell you for 150 AED for both the private beach and pool, it is an absolute steal! White sands, gorgeous women and drinks galore! I recommend arriving during lunch. It’s not as crowded and much easier to â€‹find a spot.
  2. I recommend beginning with anything alcoholic with pinapple, it’s really good along with a nice fruit platter. Now aside from the party atmosphere there are a range of activities to follow. Jet skis, parasailing,  you name it! I recommend the parasailing, the jet ski only last for about 30 minutes if your on a budget; it just didn’t seem feesible to me.
  3. Later that night after meeting new people and talking with the locals there. We enter the party stage of the day. From 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. they have an all you can eat and drink for 295 AED. In the bar area there is beer pog and other games. You should also check out the pool, with a live DJ and tons of friendly people, your in for a good night!

I’ll tell you the more days to follow the more excited I am of what this city has in store. Stay tuned for Day 3 where I’ll be featuring the Palm islands, an exclusive resort along with Atlantis. Cheers from Dubai!

-Yan Rodgers

May 28 2017

Day 1 at Dubai.

Do you remember growing up and the time came for your family vacation; your hearts racing, imagination just fills your head, the anticipation of running to the front desk because your about to have the time of your life? 

Well that’s me, I will tell you seeing the palm islands, sky scrappers and other grand architecture just leaves me in astonishment. 

So as the plane landed, your greeted at the airport by the locals. You can very well see the different cultures just running about. So after securing my l luggage; I needed to exchange money. Unfortunately they do not accept debit or credit cards at the exchanges. For you buget traveler I would suggest bringing cash and the amount your willing to spend. The ATM there are rather difficult and some may not work with your card, so do keep that in mind. Leaving upon the airport, you have choices; rent a car, taxis, etc. For those taking taxis, I recommend staying with a regular taxi; do not take the black lexus. The difference will be substantial. 

So after arriving at my hotel and securing my stuff. I went to the old Dubai. The gold souk. Now there are more things to the souk besides precious stones and gold. Textiles, spices and other things just fill the space there. You hear Pakistani, bangledesh, and other ethnic groups here. It’s quite the maze, mind you know be careful,  people will try and sell you everything and anything.  I suggest trying some of the local street food there, you can taste the culture of the people of who cook it. 

To finish off my day I spent the evening at jumeriah beach. It’s free or you can pay 150 AED to enter the swimming pool. Lots of expats and locals alike flock there for a night fun. Just be yourself, meet new people and have a good time!

-Yan Rodgers

24 May 2017